Podcast Recommendation – Women in Sport on CBC Rewind Podcast

Since I have begun work and school again, I now have to drive almost an hour each way from there and home. The majority of the trip is on highway, which can be extremely tedious. Especially with the Central Illinois scenery, the only thing I can look forward to seeing on my way is… well… not much. There are not even any cows throughout the drive outside of the city.

So, I have become a podcast addict. I subscribe to a variety of podcasts of different topics and download episodes that seem interesting. I enqueue them and, on my drive, the playlist gets me through morning traffic. I tried audiobooks but, since they are stories that have to be followed in order to not lose track of the story, I could not keep up with them. However, podcasts do have a story line but, if I have to focus during the rain or during high traffic times, I can just zone back in without losing the jist of what is being discussed.

As a part of my revamping of this blog due to my return to the blogging world, I have now created a section of podcasts and podcasts episodes that I find interesting and make me learn something new. Perhaps you will also enjoy them.

Now, podcast episode recommendation # 1 goes to…. Women in Sport by CBC Rewind with Michael Enright. I recommend this episode since we are right smack in the middle of the Olympics and, for Canadians, this has been an exciting one! Women in Canadian sport have been extremely successful with every single medal being rewarded to female athletes! However, women did not always have the opportunity to partake in Olympic sport and, even when they did, many were against it. Luckily, women have now shown their ability to compete at such a high level.

This podcast episode digs into the CBC archives to show the different conversations pertaining to women in sports since the 1940s.  Although based on a Canadian perspective, this podcast is worth a listen to anybody given that all women have experienced this in the past, or in the present. Even though women still have their problems today in society in terms of equality in sports, you will realize by listening to this podcast that we have come a long way! Congratulations to Canadian women athletes for showing us our real prowess and congratulations to all women for coming as far as we have, though we still have more work to do!

Listen free here or here, or copy the link and paste it into your favourite podcast app!

Until next time!


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