congratulations to the fiancé on finishing his master’s degree!

I just want to publicly say congratulations to the love of my life for having spent the past two years in a basement office, learning complicated concepts, taking many courses, creating an acoustic model, presenting findings at meetings, making new friends through colleagues and being by my side through all of it. It is so difficult … More congratulations to the fiancé on finishing his master’s degree!

Autumn and Eve

Autumn is almost here, and nothing reminds us more than that then the beginning of school. It is a time associated with change, with new beginnings, with getting older, or just a reminder that a few months ago we felt the summer heat come upon us. Every year it means something new to different people … More Autumn and Eve

Little plant butts?

Plants that won’t die if you do not water it for 6 months? Ones that look like little butt rocks? Ones that have a flower that grows out from it? Ones that have different shapes and colors? Does that even exist? Of course! This weekend I went to a place called St. Lawrence Market in … More Little plant butts?