Watermelon Dog Treats for Dogs (and for you!)

Pierre (or Piter!) loves his meat. As soon as I begin to cook any type of animal, he stands immediately in front of the stove. He hopes that I am generous enough to give him a piece (or two!). Although he does eat his food, he would love for us to share.

However, he is not much of a fruit guy. David’s family dog, Willow, loves bananas. We tried giving Pierre small pieces of banana – just for him to drop it out onto the carpet. I have also tried giving him broccoli stems and carrots mixed with his food, with little luck. He mostly just picks out his hard food from the bowl so that he does not have to eat the broccoli.

Vegetables and fruits are just not his thing. Except for watermelon. However, giving Pierre watermelon is sometimes very messy, and I prefer not to give it to him plain.

My wonderful mother found a recipe online for frozen watermelon treats for dogs.

Petguide.com’s recipe for Frosty Watermelon Dog Treats

This recipe is a perfect treat for the hot summer that we are experiencing here in Central Illinois. These treats are not only made for dogs, humans can enjoy them also! Every time I give Pierre one watermelon treat, I pop one into my mouth. It is simple, not very sweet, and it’s great to cool down with. Since the only ingredients are watermelon, honey, and milk, I have more confidence giving him this treat as opposed to other bagged ones from the store. According to the American Kennel Club, watermelon is packed with nutrients (vitamins A, B6, C and potassium) – although make sure the watermelon is seedless! Yourolddog.com claims that honey can be used to help with allergies, kennel cough, and digestion. The milk does not seem to have any benefit, except that some dogs are lactose-intolerant, so I used lactose-free milk. If you are worried about the milk, water may be a good substitute.

I did not have dog-shaped molds, so I just used ome heart-shaped chocolate molds instead. I think this is better, given that Pierre is a small dog and needs a small treat that he can chew easily. I was able to use 3 molds, which gave me a sufficient amount of treats that I can use for training purposes!



Not only that, I had extra watermelon left over to last me a week’s worth of breakfast fruit. I think this treat is perfect in terms of practicality, taste, healthiness, and ease.

Thank you so much for reading my post about our adventures with Piter! If you haven’t yet read how we met him, feel free to read it here!


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